Alicia Beesley Photo-Art


Alicia Beesley is a passionate  photographer and digital artist living

in the South West of Scotland.

Alicia left a small Oxfordshire village in England to come and live close to the Solway estuary in Dumfries & Galloway back in the 1980s. She has been a keen photographer ever since she was given her first camera back in 1960.

Alicia is a self- taught photographer,having gained experience by joining a local camera club and setting up her own dark room.

At that time,she particularly enjoyed taking portraits of a variety of local people taking on one or two commissions for family portraits. Also for a time, she  became a part-time freelance journalist covering profiles of people working in the countryside.

Alicia has held 7 solo exhibitions, in various galleries and art  centres around the region; her last exhibition ran for 6 weeks at the WWTs Caerlaverock Nature Reserve in Dumfries & Galloway back in 2018,which was a great  success.

Alicia is an artist who strives to capture the natural beauty of the landscape and the wildlife that surrounds her home, particularly the large open skies, that the estuary provides.

Most of her photographs are inspired by the natural world. These days Alicia is pushing the bounderies of her traditional image capture,embracing an experimental attitude to her work.

Alicia hopes that for the last 40 years she has done her region proud, capturing the essence of the Solway estuary in all its moods.

Alicia's most recent work shows an interest in combining artwork with photography, many of her images being processed using a wide-gamut of digital methods found in Photoshop and ON1 photo RAW software.

Since having retired,Alicia now has a small garden-studio where she is learning to use soft pastel chalks,acrylics and graphite pens for her artwork of skies and landscapes.