For the past 38 years Alicia has had a great passion for photographing the stunning area of Dumfries & Galloway.


Capturing through her camera lens the majestic wildlife that frequent the salt marshes of the Solway estuary during

the  winter months, she says "the light of a new dawn at times bring colours that are almost unbelievable to the eye, a true artist's palette and the same goes for dusk".

In her landscape images she tries to portray the peace and tranquillity of the wonders of nature she observes.Self taught, Alicia has learnt to understand the importance of how light forms the basis for capturing a great image.

Alicia's home is located beside woods and an estuary with a nature reserve close by.

It's here that inspiration abounds particularly on hearing the wild geese callling as they fly over her home. She is always trying to capture the ultimate shot!

Now having retired, she is now embracing new techniques combining artwork together with digital mixed-media, accumulating new enhanced nature shots and floral abstracts

She hopes her work will leave a lasting impression and a sence of joy..